Shma and Stew

Pesachim 56 talks about the Shma. It questios whether we should say “baruch shem kavod”. The dilemna is that Moshe did not say this in the Torah but Jaob did say it. To resolve the dilemna we say it silently. The Talmud likens this dilemna to the following parable:

A princess walks by the servant’s kitchen and smells the servant’s stew. THe Talmud says, if she asks for some it is a disgrace, but if she does not, it will cause her pain. The answer is that the servant’s sense her desire and bring her the stew.

THe Shikkerdovid would like to wax a little philosophical about this. THe Jews are the princess in this parable. We want to do the right thing, we want to do good, but for whatever reason, we are impeded. However, if we call out to Gd for help. If we recognize he is the source of all, then He will sense our desire. He will sense our needs and reach out to us. He will provide the stew without us even asking.

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