The Conundrum of Existence: Life Seeminly is Unfair

On page 65 of Pesachim the Talmud discusses the conundrum of the “Third group” sacrificing the Pesach. In brief review, the Mishna had previously discussed that people enter in 3 groups to slaughter the Passover sacrifice on the 14 of Nissan. As you will recall, the Shikkerdovid discussed how the third group was met with derision because they were the last group and deemed to procrastinators because of being last.

The Talmud on page 65 recognizes the conundrum. The mishna requires 3 groups so it is unfair to call the last group “LAZY”. As stated, they are termed the lazy group. The Talmud notes the paradox. The Talmud states, someone how to be last, just like someone has to be do unpleasant jobs in society.
Interestingly, the Talmud does not offer a resolution of the dilemma or a reason.

The Shikkerdovid would like to chime in. The answer is simple: life is unfair. Some people get the good and some people get the shaft. Some people get to be in the head of the line or the first group… and some are at the end. LIfe is unfair from our perspective.

The work is recognizing that Gd has a plan. Although we are not privy to the plan or the diagram of our lives, we must trust that all will shake down for us in the end. Life seems unfair to us, deal with it. Accept it and move on.

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