Mishpatim and the Izhbitzer

The Shikkerdovid has begun to learn the Mei Hashiloach by the Izhbitzer ruv. (B. 1800 -1860). He comments that one must refine oneself to the extent that one’s attribute of goodness is drawn into ones possessions, so even one possessions will not damage others . Like the case of the goring ox. The lesson is clear, that even our possessions reflect our character and our relationship with G-D

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4 Responses to Mishpatim and the Izhbitzer

  1. josh feldman says:

    Glad to see the shikkerdovid posting again.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Where have you been SD? Been a long time….detox?

  3. Jeremy says:

    Techias hameisim! Love it. Keep them coming!

  4. Jonathan says:

    We welcome back the Shikker Dovid now posting from the Oval Office.

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