Terumah and the Ishbitzer

The Ishbitzer Ruv in this weeks parsha talks about the three items listed in the beginning of the parsha, gold, silver and copper. He says that when the Jewish people received the torah in parshat yitro they were happy because the 10 laws were easy for them to fulfill. But in Mishpatim, the laws got more difficult and they required even their possessions to be holy. The Ishbitzer said that there was a burst of outcry, ” how can even our possessions be refined?”   The Ishbitzer says, Hashem answered them in this parsha, gave them a channel for their possession,  “take for me gold, silver and copper.”

This is funny. Gd is helping us channel our wealth?  He gives us direction?  I think this is the direction of faith. We are given gifts  and we must look for Gd help in channeling that wealth.  Ultimately, that will  make us happy

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