Love and Death

Today’s Daf Yomi learned Kesubot 17 which has the famous question, How do you dance in front of a bride. Do you tell her she is pretty even if she isn’t?  The resolution is that to foster comity amongst the bride and groom, we say “pretty.”  However, the next piece is also fascinating.

The Talmud describes what to do if a wedding procession is walking down one street and the intersecting street has a funeral procession.  Who gives way ?   The Shikker Dovid would like to weigh in.  What is going on? A wedding is the most joyous of occasions  and the funeral is the most sad.  It is the spectrum of our human experience. A clash of emotions.    The connection to the original question is sobering. Life is beautiful, but at times, sad.  A conflict. Whatever we do in all times, it most foster comity and good feelings at all times.

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3 Responses to Love and Death

  1. Esther Schnitzer says:

    Nice vort . Did you mean bride?

    Esther Feuer Schnitzer


  2. Jonathan says:

    Life’s rich pageant -weddings to funerals. Very astute comments from the Shikker Dovid.
    I think with the text was trying to say that every bride has her day and her way to say what her beauty is

  3. rebcharles says:

    Speak to your average pulpit rabbi, they know this drill well !!!

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