Fear of God

In Parsha Tetzaveh Chap. 28 pasuk 3, the Torah states “And you shall speak to the Wise hearted (Chacham Lav) who are filled with knowledge and they shall make the clothing for Aaron, holiness and priest to me. The Bal Haturim, notes the Gematria of “Chacham Lav” is “fear” or fear of Gd. He quotes the famous tehilim phrase ‘first knowlegdge is fear of Gd.” (111,10).

The message is obvious, any endeavor, project or business requires hardwork and skill. But the foundation of all endeavors is rooted in the fear of heaven. The wise heart is the one that recognizes all success is rooted in heaven. Fear does not necessarily mean afraid, rather the acknoledgment that all is in the authority of Gd and the hand of Gd.

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