Favorite Purim Idea- Garments Don’t Make the Lady

The Shikker Dovid has an all time favorite idea for Purim. The Megila says in Chapter 5, verse 1.
“On the third day put on her royalty.” The Megila does not say “put on her royal clothes”, rather her “royalty.” The Talmud says on page 14 that she wrapped herself or was clothed in ‘ruach hakodesh.” or holiness.

The Shikkerdovid likes to suggest that the “royalty” does not refer to her clothes. It refers to her character. Her fine and graceful nature. She was accepted as Queen and won the heart of Ahashversosh because of her inner beauty and character.

The lesson is that clothes do not make you important, fancy or give you character. Your character gives you character.

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4 Responses to Favorite Purim Idea- Garments Don’t Make the Lady

  1. Esther Schnitzer says:

    I agree, beautiful thought. There are some who say Esther actually had green skin and pimples.

  2. Mitch Garbow says:

    The shikkerdovid nails it again! Freilichin Purim!

  3. Mitch Garbow says:

    Uh what’s with the time zone of the posts?

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