Tractate Megila: Stand with God and L’chaim.

In third chapter of Talmud Megila, the Mishna starts by saying, the reader of the Megila may stand or sit while reading, but no the public reading of the Torah. The Talmud questions why one can sit while reading the Megila but not public Torah reading of the Torah.

The Talmud brings a proof about standing while reading the Torah. The Talmud quotes the Pasuk in Devarim, where Hashem says to Moshe “and You shall stand with Me” referring to when they learned the Torah together. The verse demonstrates that Hashem stood while teaching the Torah. This is the most anthropomorphic statement possible. Hashem stands? Hashem is incorporal. How can one understand this?

The ShikkerDovid would like to learn a Purim message. Just as Hashem is able to convey the idea that he is standing, ie a spiritual being doing a physical act – as humans we must transform our physical acts into spiritual ideals. On Purim we drink (and eat). We get drunk beyond knowing “curse Haman and bless Moredecai”. However, this physical act is elevated to a spiritual ideal when we “stand with Hashem.” We stand with Hashem when we fulfill his spiritual mission. The spiritual mission are the other mitzvot of Purim, charity and gifts to poor.

So today, the Shikker Dovid exhorts all drink up, it is good for your soul.

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2 Responses to Tractate Megila: Stand with God and L’chaim.

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  2. Jonathan says:

    The Shikker Dovid has pointed out on many occasions that Purim is an especially holy day and no other holiday is a the spiritual so sublimely intertwined with the physical.

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