Ishbitz and Vayakel

The Parsha starts with Moses gathering the assembly of Israel and tells them to keep shabbos and then the building of the Mishkan proceeds. The Ishbitzer Ruv asks the famous question on the opening lines from this parsha, why shabbos is mentioned before the construction of the Mishkan. The Ishbitzer takes a wild detour. He explains that each skilled worker was given divine inspiration and given guidance from Hashem on what to build and how to build it. Apparently the Ishbitzer did not think this was a team effort. When it was all, it miraculously all fit together. The Ishbitzer says because Hashem guided and inspired each one and under His power, it all worked. Each worker submitted his will and his belief in Hashem that it would work. From the worker who built the tent peg and to the guy who made the cover worked equally and submitted to Hashem’s will

The Ishbitzer quotes from Talmud Megilla 9a the famous story of Ptolemy as a similiar miracle. Ptolemy took 72 scholars and put them in separate rooms and asked them to translate the Torah.Again, miraculously, all the translations were identical or ‘fit”. So what does this have to do with Shabbos. The Ishbitzer says that Shabbos is the most important aspect of our faith or belief. The keeping of shabbos is the foundation. If we keep shabbos, we recognize the divine inspiration and that all power emanates from Gd. Just as the skilled workers or the scholars of Ptomely were divinely inspired. Shabbos is (I guess) the foundation of recognizing Hashem. The recognition is foundational. The building comes later.

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