Whiskey, Cigars… and Pearls of Torah

Last night the Shikkerdovid was invited by Rabbi Steve Weill to the Havana Club for drinks, cigars and to hear a pre-pesach shiur. It was paradise. I would like to share some of the outstanding ideas he said.

Rabbi Weil asked the famous questions: Why do we say at the Seder on the seder night, “All who need to come to the seder and partake” and “all who are hungry, come be satiated.” Should this not have been arranged weeks in advance. Furthermore, in regard to the Korban pesach, one had to “pre register”. One had to join a “Chavura” to partake, which strengthens the question, why are we waiting until we are around the table?

The answer he gave is graphic. He said, “it is a zetz to our kishkes” or a punch to the stomach. We might be sitting around a beautiful seder table with our family and enjoying the moment, however have we made sure that all people are also enjoying?, even those who are short on money, short on family, short on happiness? He quotes the Rambam that we must ensure that our seder does not become a “simcat krasa” or holiday for our stomachs (ie zetz in the kishkes). The phrases are said to ensure that we never lose sight of the true meaning of YomTove, that it is a Yom Tov for all and we are responsible to ensure as best we can that all can partake. The simcha of Yom Tov according to Rabbi Weill is not YOUR simcha but others simcha.

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  1. Jonathan says:

    I think cigars and scotch actually enhance the Shikker Dovid’s level of binah . A stark but necessary reminder of what true Simchas YomTov is

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