Not a Disney Torah Idea- Ketubot 48

The ShikkerDovid was reluctant to post this thought, however it is Torah and demonstrates how the Torah and the Rabbis understand human impulses. In today’s daf, of Kesubot-48, the talmud describes what is understood as the husband’s responsiblity to his wife as to maritial relations. It says, that K’sheara means closeness of body. THe Rabbis interpret this to mean “not like the Persians who are intimate with their clothes on.” This means that a women is entitled to be close or fully undressed with her husband. The magid shiur was clear when he said, partners have leeway in this matter and consensually, they may wear or not wear what they want.

The ShikkerDovid loves this idea as it show that the Torah understand human impulses and human need for closeness, affection and desire for intimacy. Ultimately, the Torah is meant to enhance our life, help us synthesize our natural urges for higher spiritual attainments.

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2 Responses to Not a Disney Torah Idea- Ketubot 48

  1. Mitch Garbow says:

    So chassidishe…luv it

  2. Jonathan says:

    A very salient point by the Shikker Dovid. I think the constant struggle with the halacha is to find the law not always cold and without reason but rather a living Torah attempting to enhance the spiritual side of man while at the same time accomodating of the human side of It’s recipients

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