Amazin Passover Coincidence

Today’s daf yomi in Ketubot actually makes a direct reference to Passover. The daf discusses a women’s obligation to nurse, how long she is allowed to nurse a child, and issues of nurse milk. Toward the end of the daf (actually, spilling on to the next page) the Talmud starts discussing various foods eaten by women when nursing which are beneficial.

The Talmud mentions “Karpas” and says that if a women eats kapas while nursing, she will have “enlightneted” or illminated children. This is really out of left field for the Talmud to reference. The Shikkerdovid would like to throw in some commentary. This “enlightenment” is not a physical attribute (ie Popeye eating spinach to get stronger). The eating of karpas is a metaphysical attribute. The message is clear: if one instills “karpas” values, or Jewish values, ethical values into children, one will have enlightened children.

As we all know, this holiday is really all about the kids.

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2 Responses to Amazin Passover Coincidence

  1. Emuna Daily says:

    It’s a Pesach Miracle! and so true about the kids. We need to make them understand that the Torah is not just a story. Vihigadita levincha. The only reason we are sitting at the seider is because our parents and their parents before them sat at the seider. It’s important for the kids to understand the mesorah that we have that sets us apart from everyone else. Chag Sameach! Jeremy

  2. Erik Roth says:

    Great job David.

    I agree. Have a Happy and Kosher Pesach.


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