Torah Learning…just for the jokes

Ketubot page 108b-109a has the great father in law joke. The mishna at bottom of 108b says, a father in law tells his prospective son in law: Marry my daughter and I will give you a big dowry.” When the father in law dosent pay ( The mishna uses term :”extends his foot” which means he cant pay) the boy can leave the girl in a Arosin (engaged )state and says, stay that way until I get my money. However, a guy named “Admon” says “marry her” or “let her go” (release her). This is based upon the her statment and reality of the situation that a girl cannot control what her crazy dad does.

THe Shikkerdovid loves this Mishna, because it reflects the reality of our world. Promises unkept, loved ones disappointing us.. and of course, the great butt of all joke: the infamous father in law. The Shikkerdovid also loves this because it illustrates the fine line the rabbis navigate in balancing the the realities of life marriage, money and the father in law.

This Shabbat is Erev Shabouth, if you sit down and learn on Shabauoth nite. Do it for the fun of learning.. Do it for the jokes.

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2 Responses to Torah Learning…just for the jokes

  1. Emuna Daily says:

    you are hilarious. I love your style of learning. have a wonderful shabbos and yomtov and enjoy the learning.

  2. Jonathan Field says:

    I could not agree more with the Shikker Dovid. Being happy is described as a klal gadol or “great mitzvah” in Judaism. Humor is an elixir of happiness. Thanks to the Shikker Dovid for my daily “shot” of humor.

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