Ishbitz on Nasso

The Ishbizter Ruv comments on the order of topics discussed in Nasso. He notes that the Torah first talks about the Sotah (the unfaithful women ) and then the Nazir. The Ishbitzer points out that the order of the Talmudix tractates is reversed. First is the Talmud Nazir and then comes Sota.

In connection with this reversed order, he states “One cannot uphold the Torah until one has failed it.” (Gittin 43A). How does this statement impact the order? Clearly Hashem recognizes that the essence of man is to make mistakes, to fail, to be less than perfect. Therefore, Gd shows how the imperfection (Sotah) is cured by the holines (Nazir). The order of the Talmud (Nazir then Sota) shows the Rabbinic wish for man to separate himself from sin before failure.

It is ironic and maybe a little disrespectful to say, that maybe the Rabbis should display the compassion and understanding that Hashem desmonstrates. Just…. Maybe?

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