What Makes a Monotheist

The Shikkerdovid has begun reading “Hasidim on the Margins” by Shaul Magid. The author describes the roots of Kabala. He poses a novel insight. We all think that Abraham is the first person who conceived of a Gd in a monothesitic sense. Magid and Kabala point out that really Melchizidek is the first real monotheist. He is called the Priest of the High. He is the precurosor to Abraham.

What is the difference between the monotheism of Melchizedek and Abraham? According to Magid, Melchizedek sees Gd in a spiritual-intellectual-rational. Abraham’s “Gd” is COVENEANTAL or a relationship based upon obligations. Abraham enters into a bris mila to signify the covenant. Magid then goes on to explain how important this bris is in kabalistic terms.

To the Shikkerdovid, the covenant idea is important. It is the basis of obligations and relationships. Covenant implies a responsiblity. It is more that just a notional idea of Gd. Covenant requires action, responsiblity and commitment. Abraham is the Jewish monotheist becuase his belief in Gd leads to action and commitment to others. Monothiesim is how Gd informs our life on earth.

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3 Responses to What Makes a Monotheist

  1. Anonymous says:

    Not a big fan of monotheism. It raises more questions than it answers.

    • shikkerdovid says:

      I agree that monotheism is a complicated issue. The shikkerdovid is more focused on covenental relationship- obligations to fulfill a role in the world .

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