Missed Opportunities …. and Disappointments…. or FOMO -fear of missing out

In parshat Behalosccha, in Chapter 9 , verse 6 we are told that men who were ritually impure on Passover in Nissan approached Moshe and Aharon and said, why are we diminished in our ability to bring the korban pesach. We missed it. So Gd instructions Moshe to allow for pesach sheni or Passover Two one month later. This allows those impure men at the time of Passover to bring their sacrifice. Gd expands the on their requests and says: “All those who are impure AND those who are FAR AWAY (derech richoka) can bring the sacrifice a month later.

The Shikkerdovid would like to suggest two things:.

First, as Rashi says, this is intersting because the Mitzva is inspired BY the people. It is a mitza which the people want and lobby gd for and therefore (according to Rashi) is stated “in the name of the people.”

Second: The Shikkerdovid notes that the command by Gd exceeds the request. It allows for those impure and far away from the Temple. The Shikkerdovid would like to say the significance is that GD is aware of the human experience of missed opportunities or disappointment. Disappointment, missed opportunity or as my kids say FOMO ( fear of missing out) is a profoundly human emotion or fear. THese emotions clutter our lives and our thinking. We regret things we missed, failed to do, or were unable to achieve. The lesson of Pesach Sheni is that with HAshem, you never miss out. Hashem will give you another oppportunity. As long as your breathing, you always have another opportunity with Hashem. NO fear of FOMO with Hashem

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3 Responses to Missed Opportunities …. and Disappointments…. or FOMO -fear of missing out

  1. Esther Schnitzer says:

    Good vort!

    Esther Feuer Schnitzer


  2. Mitch Garbow says:

    The Shikkerdovid nailed it again!

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