Sinning for the Sake of Heaven?

The ShikkerDovid is continuing to read “Hasidim on the Margin” by Magid. The author discusses, free will, and actions outside of normative halacha. THe author asks a question: “Can one enact that antinomian behavior while still living in accordance with divine will dictated by halacha?”

The author quotes the ideas of R. Gershon Henoch of Radzin who citesthe story of Hosea. HAshem comes to Hosea and asks him to marry a zona and engage in actions counter to Halacha. The author interprets R. Henoch to mean: “What emerges is that an act performed outisde the orbit of halacha, is only a transgression when it is done for one’s own benefit or pleasure. If done for the sake of heaven it is not a sin.”

How curious! a world where sins and actions are measured by intent, sacrifice or more plainly: subjectivity. While the Shikkerdovid does not really understand all this. The take away is that the world of Jewish thought is not monolithic and there is room for all ideas.

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