AntiNomianism- Jewish Style

The ShikkerDovid is still plowing throught “Hasidim on the Margin” which explores the philosophy if Izbitz/Radzin Chasidim. Here is a thought to chew on. You don’t have to agree, but recognize that there is a broad spectrum of Jewish thought out there. We are a big tent of ideas.

“however..mitzvot are not the goal of devotion, they are only the means. The goal of human
devotion is devokut. While it is achieved throught mitzovot, it is not solely achieved through them. Since Abraham achieved he goal with them (mitzovot) they mitzovit may nullify themselves when they complete their task. They may become obsolete, once the enlighten person sucessfully integrates the mystical experience in a manner that enables him to sustain the experience of a unity of wills (divine and human) that is, when fully recovers Abrahamic religion.”

Something to think about.

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