Isbhitz on Korah- Fear of Heaven

The Isbhitz on Parshat Korah is something everyone should read. The Ishbitz says that Korach understood that all is from Hashem, even “fear of Hashem.” Korah is next to tzitis because, tzitius demonstrates “fear of Hashem.” According the Midrash, Tzitus demonstrates fear of Hashem. According to Ishbitz, even fear of Hashem is in the hands of Hashem.

The Ishbitz is stating something deep. Essentially, Gd dictates all and man’s only has the appearance of free will. So why do we even bother to try? According to Ishbitz, “Gd hid his way from mankind because he desires that we serve Him.” Hashem’s way is hidden to give the appearance that we have choices to do good and serve him.”

The Shikkerdovid would like to weigh in. This is a tough thought. This is counter to all we learned. Where is free will? Where is independence? Actually, this reinforces what the Shikkerdovid thinks is important. Whether we have free will or not, or whether we blaze our on destiny or not, is really not as important as attempting to serve hashem and serve his creations. Whether successfull or not, it is the attempt that we make. Whether we succeed is in the hands of Hashem. We can only give our effort which is what the Ishbitz says is important.

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  1. Maltman says:

    The Ishbitz sounds like a Calvanist (or maybe Calvin was Ishbitzist) — that sounds a lot like the theory/theology of predestination.

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