The Catskill’s Mishna-Nedarim page 38b

The Mishna introduces the humourous adaption of the Sunshine Boys starring George Burns and Walther Mathau, or more akin to the a Catskills humour. The Mishna says, if somone took a neder not to give benefit to somone or get benefit from somones, he may still go pay him a sick call visit or do “bikur cholimim”, however, he cannot sit during the visit, he must stand. Hilarious.

“This is the ultimate Jewish neurotic concept. “Im here, but I am not here.” or “I am here, but I can’t stay.” The individual might have undertaken a halachic endeavor in the neder, however, the overidding concern to be a decent human being, to act with generosity of spirit and kindeness which are the hallmarks of the essence of Judaism, takes precedence. Therefore, the humouorous situation arises, the people must circumvent the neder to do the right thing,… but as a nod to his neder, he must stand rather than sit.

Only Jews.

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