Nedarim 56: House Bed and Aliyah

Today’s daf had two interesting mishna’s. The first Mishna dealt wiht if someone makes a neder not to enter a house, can he enter the “Aliyah” or attic-top part. The word aliyah is intersting because it implies a higher level of spirituality. It implies an elevation in sanctity.

The Shikkerdovid was intrigued by use of the word itself and the thought that you could be probibited from using a house, but not the attic. First of all how do you get to the attic withou going thourght the house? Isnt is understood that the attic is part of the house. Then the good Rabbi giving the daf reminded us of the sitatuion with Termuah and Maaser. One only becomes obligated in separating termuah/Maaser when produce comes in throught the doorway. If one brings through the skylight, the stuff is not obligated in terumah-kohan gifts Therefore, the normal way to enter into the house is through the door, the aberration is the sklyight or attic.

How odd, the lowly and overtrodden doorway is the manner which obligates maaser/termuah while the aliyah or sklylight does not. Furthermore, the question of whether the attic is part of the house for purposes of a neder makes the question even stronger.

The Shikkerdovid would like to weigh in. The house is the foundation. There is no attic (Aliyah) without the foundation. In regards to the Termuah, there is no holiness or sactity without the mundane house. The house forms a basis for the growth that leads to the aliyah or spiritual elevation. The question the neder poses, opens the door (no pun intended) for a bigger issue, what is foundational, the house (bayit) or the attic (aliyah).

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2 Responses to Nedarim 56: House Bed and Aliyah

  1. Anonymous says:

    So it is like keeping a tv in the closet.. which is also ok?

  2. Mitch Garbow says:

    Thought you might like my thoughts on tisha bav I posted yesterday on Facebook in the merit of the Arizal’s yahrzeit

    This Shabbos is Tisha b’Av and bc it’s Shabbos we do not fast or mourn for the destruction of our Holy Temples in any way. On the contrary, we rejoice by eating meat and drinking wine even though it is actually Tisha B’av. Sadly, we do not push off the mourning completely. Instead, we wait until the next day to mourn. But perhaps this year, we will push it off forever! The Gemara says the Holy Temple was destroyed due to sinas chinam – unwarranted hatred between us…it also says that if the Holy Temple is not rebuilt in our generation it’s as if it was destroyed today…meaning that we must still suffer from this brotherly hatred. So the remedy must be ahavas chinam, unconditional love. We must love our neighbor unconditionally. We are like one body and one soul and each of us make up one small part of that whole. But to love another person like yourself you have to start with yourself. Do you love yourself? If not, it’s time to start! Forgive yourself for any misdeeds, praise yourself for any and all good that you have done and clean out all the negativity! Once you do, then you are ready to share that love with your fellow…forgive him or her…recognize that they are just like you…more than that, they are you! When we do this, we will merit Moshiach and the 3rd Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Let’s each pledge to practice unconditional love for each other now and hopefully, this Tisha B’av, while we eat meat and drink wine, we will be able to say “Zos Tisha B’av” “This is Tisha B’av” and turn Tisha B’av into a day of rejoicing forever!!! Please like and share if you agree and show GD we deserve it!

    Regards, Mitch


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