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Form v. Substance

The daf yomi has begun learning Gittin. The first Mishna requires that a “get” brought from “a land over seas” or “medinat hayam”, the messenger must declare that the Get was written and signed before him. The Talmud begins with … Continue reading

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Vayigash and Ishbitz

On Thursday Nite the Shikkerdovid usually reads the Isbhitzer for some inspiration and preparation for Shabbat. The Ishbitzer comments on the beginning pasukim, “and Yehuda drew close to Yosef.” ┬áThe Isbhitzer notes that Yehuda overcame fears and took on Yosef. … Continue reading

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Challenge v. Bad

In Parshat Vayechi Jacob meets Pharoah. Pharoah asks him, “how old are you.” Jacob responds the “years of my Megora (commonly referred to as “sojurns”) are 130. Megora-sojurns implies out of your land/ foreign place/ burdened. The response does not … Continue reading

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Hannukah-8th Day- Fire

The Shikkeredovid was musing about Hanukkah while looking at the candles last night. The Shikkerdovid would like to throw an idea out to the world. The Rabbis teach us that fire was created Saturday night after the first shabbat. This … Continue reading

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