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Humility Lesson of Parshat Yitro

While this idea is not so deep or spectacular, the SD would like to share a simple Rashi from Parshat Yitro. The parsha describes when Yitro comes to join Israel he make a big feast. Chapter 18, pasuk 12. ” … Continue reading

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Tu B’Shvat. Fruit and the Peels

Last night the Shikkerdovid had a small impromptu Tu B’shvat Seder with his family. Of course, the children texted though most of it, but it was meaningful nevertheless. The Shikkerdovid made kiddush and found a Hasidic Tu B’Shvat Seder online. … Continue reading

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Stone Cold Reality

In Parshat Beshallach, the famous “Song of the Sea ” is chanted by Israel after crossing successfully. The song make three references to the drowning of the Egyptians: They drown like straw, stone and lead. Rashi comments that the wicked … Continue reading

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