Stone Cold Reality

In Parshat Beshallach, the famous “Song of the Sea ” is chanted by Israel after crossing successfully. The song make three references to the drowning of the Egyptians: They drown like straw, stone and lead. Rashi comments that the wicked ones, bobbed up and down like straw, ie a slow death. The midlevel ones died like stone, and the “Casherimn” (kosher or proper ones) died quickly by going down fast- like lead.

The Shikkerdovid would like to raise a question. Where there really “Kosher” or proper or good Egyptian soldiers? Where there ones that we would consider “good”, yet they still died at the sea doing their duty as soldiers? Is this fair to hold against a simple innocent Egyptian soldier responsible for the the cruelty of his general. Does he have a defense of ” I was just following orders?” The point is that even Rashi admits some where “Kosher.”

The events of the past few weeks indicate that this is yet another example of life being unfair, inequitable and beyond the understanding of our human understanding. It is the reality of our lives. It would be nice to think that Gd could manifest his rulings between the just and unjust. It would be nice to think that the good Egpytians were saved. However, that is not realty. That is fantasy. Goodness is not always rewarded. We are held to an incomprehensible standard of justice, reward and punishment. The lesson for us is that we can only do our best. We can only be as “kosher” as we can and recognize that even goodness is not enough. It is stone, staw and lead reality of life.

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4 Responses to Stone Cold Reality

  1. Michael says:

    I respectfully disagree. I would think the categories of Egyptian soldiers — like most categorization, are relative — the “Casherimn” were the best of those who were there. (Recognizing that I am looking at this through my 21st Century, post Shoah glasses), the true “Casherimn,” not the relative ones — would have refused service and immoral orders — like riding after freed slaves to round them up and re-enslave them. Seems to me they (like all German soldier KIAs in WWII) got what they deserved — nothing “unfair, inequitable and beyond the understanding of our human understanding” involved. I am a big fan of the Shikkerdovid, I just have a different take on this one.

    • shikkerdovid says:

      Thanks for the great comment. It means alot to me.


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  2. Emuna Daily says:

    Yasher Koach. I think Hashem does rule with perfect justice, it just might not manifest in this world. But between this world and the next world, there is perfect justice for every individual. In fact, what is most important is the reward and punishment in the next world, so the fact that we don’t see perfect justice in this world shouldn’t be so bothersome. Like I always say, “This world is not the ikur!”

  3. Robert Marcus Work says:

    Very hard to understand. מידה כנגד מידה Impossible .

    Seems just a child’s tale

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