Tu B’Shvat. Fruit and the Peels

Last night the Shikkerdovid had a small impromptu Tu B’shvat Seder with his family. Of course, the children texted though most of it, but it was meaningful nevertheless. The Shikkerdovid made kiddush and found a Hasidic Tu B’Shvat Seder online. The most interesting thing was not the fruit (or the kiddush), but the point about the peels. The Seder spoke of the “klepah” or peels or rinds that surrounds the fruit. The Seder explained that the point of the peeling away the rinds or outer portions is akin to stripping ourselves of the anger that we feel. The Klepah or pouter portion is the anger or frustration we feel. The point of the Seder is to eat the fruit and discard the negative feeling or emotions that cause anger. The act of stripping away the rinds mimics our quest to strip away the negative feelings of anger. Gut yom Tov.

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  1. Jonathan Field says:

    Very timely much appreciated -G-d bless the Shikker Dovid Sent from my iPhone


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