Vayikra : Process

In Parshat Vayikra, we learn of the the sacrifices that are brought. The Torah is Chapter 4 talks about the “Chatas” (sin offeing) the Kohen brings if he makes a mistake. The idea ends with the following statement. Pasuk 11-12 “He should take the bulls skin and flesh head, leads. He should take the entire bull to a pure place outside the camp, to the ash depository and burn it on firewood. It should be burnt on the ash pile. ” Why the repeat of the ash pile?

Rashi says: The place is called ash pile or designated as this place, even if there are no ashes present.

How strange. We designate a place, even if there are no ashes there. We set aside a place Furthermore, it is called holy place.

The Shikkerdovid would like to take the tradionalist point on this. We take to the ash heap, we call it the ash heap. We call a holy place, even if it is seemingly not very holy as a constand reminder of process and consistency. If these sacrifices teach us anything, it is that process counts. Going through the proper steps is essential. Spirituality is based on process.

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  1. Jonathan Field says:

    The Shikker Dovoid it is always kind to point out that people are holy. ( even when we don’t feel so holy). I think his interpretation of the Parsha is the same. Holiness is a process and that we have to recognize the Holiness in even the mundane and work to sustain aconcept of sanctify.

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