Tzav and Future Generations

In Parshat Tzav, the kohen is exhorted to be careful with the bringing of the Olah-burnt offering. Rashi explains that the Kohen is exhorted to be careful, because he does not get any of the sacrificial meat to eat and therefore must be reminded to be careful. The Ramban claims this is not correct, because the Kohen DOES get get the skins of the animal and therefore Rashi’s interpretation of exhortation of care make no sense. Ramban says, the exhortation is to warn future generations.

What does that mean? Why are future generations warned to take care or be careful of sacrifices? The irony is that we now don’t have sacrifices to be careful with today. The Shikkerdovid, fresh off a brutally spiritual Purim of drinking would like to suggest, that even when things like sacrifices are not extant and we really can’t do them, we should not discard their significance or their value. Today, we cannot bring an animal to sacrifice, we can still be vigilant in giving of ourselves, our time, our energy. The future generations are exhorted to maintain the values and the lessons of sacrifice, even if we can’t bring them.

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  1. Emuna Daily says:

    “The Shikkerdovid, fresh off a brutally spiritual Purim of drinking”
    Gevalt! Have a great shabbos!

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