Kiddushin 30B-Shidduchim: Gods Work

The Shikkerdovid’s cause celebre is Shidduchim. It is simply the most important thing we can do to help people. Helping in Shidduchim eradicates loneliness, helplessness and despair. It is how we act Godly. Today in Kiddushin 30b, the idea was reinforced.

The Mishna on the page before speaks of the mitzvot a father must do for a son. One of the items a father is tasked to do is, help the son get married. The Talmud on page 30B acknowledges that obligation, but asks the next question: Why is the father not obligated to help his daughter. The answer is almost tragic: It is in his “hand” (ability) to marry off his son, but his daughter, it is not in his hand (ability). The father is encouraged to give her possessions to make her a more attractive match, however, the statement says, it all. ” it is not in his hands.” The father is powerless.

The Shikkerdovid needs to scream this out to the world. This is the work we are tasked to do. To help the powerless. Let us feel the pain of parents who suffer watching their daughters go through life lonely, alone, powerless. The Talmud even recognizes this dilemna. When we join a committee, get involved or aid in this process, we are doing Gods work. Please assist the OZ Shidduch committee. If you know of any eligible men, please go to the shidduch link at

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