Kiddushin 40- Humility

Kiddushin page 40 is one of the more famous pages of the Talmud. It talks about goods deeds, sin, and the famous story of a person with untoward urges. The one small idea which the Shikkerdovid would like to share is a lesson in keeping oneself small. The Talmud says that sin has a ‘principal” but not ‘fruit”. Ostensibly this means, punishment is a one shot deal with no reverberations and no further or prolonged consequences. According to another opinion sin does have “fruit’ or long terms punishment consequences. Rashi tells us the distinction between the contradictory statements. Rashi says if one is an “adam choshuv” or important person, the sin has long term consequences or “fruit”. If one is indeed a high profile person who sins, other will take it as license to sin or believe such behavior is acceptable. Rashi is telling us that there is a burden to being high profile.

The lesson is humility. Keep oneself small. Don’t stand out. Be humble and modest to avoid the long term consequences of sin.

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