The Soap Opera : Kiddushin page 65

In Kiddushin page 65, the Mishna says if a man says, I am married, to you and the women says, no you married my daughter. Later in the Mishna he says, I married your daughter and she says, no you married me.” The Mishna goes through all these permutations of man saying married to her, daughter, and other way as well. Crazy. This is the stuff of Days of Our Lives. Or is it?

The Talmud states: We force or request the man to give a get. Why? A man dosent care if he is forbidden to many relatives. The Artscroll note is instructive. The man loses nothing other than and the women benefits.

While this Mishna and Talmud seems a little silly. It uncovers something which the Shikkerdovid is passionate about: the vulnerability of women in the marriage process. The Rabbis realize the inherent obstacles facing women and go to great lengths to protect them. Join the Shikkerdovid in making the “shidduch crisis” the cause celebre of our society.

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