Haftorah of Emor: Ezekiel Chapter 44

The Shikkerdovid must admit that he is not a Tanach guy. Frankly, he never understands the Hebrew and admittedly most of the time, the Shikkerdovid does not understand the English. This haftorah is different. The Prophet says ” Linen Turbans on your head, linen pants on your legs, don’t belt/bind/gird (Yachgor) where you sweat?

What does that mean? What does ” don’t belt where you sweat?” Unfortunately the holy Rabbi Schwartz who usually answers these questions for the Shikkerdovid is away so he is forced to explain by himself.

The Shikkerdovid would like to humbly suggest an idea. The sentence refers to the head and the legs. The head is the seat of thought and ideas. The legs embody the physical being of movement and motion. The belt separates. The “sweat” maybe is tension or conflict. The answer is don’t think that the head- thoughts or spirituality and legs-physicality are separate. Don’t compartmentalize the physical and spiritual. Act and think seamlessly. One’s actions and thoughts should be in harmony. There should be no division. The proof to this idea is the next sentence. “When the priest go out of the Temple, he joins the people and leaves his holy garments inside the holy place. The holy priest rejoins the people to meld his spirituality into their physical world.

Shabbat Shalom.

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2 Responses to Haftorah of Emor: Ezekiel Chapter 44

  1. Emuna Daily says:

    To my dear Shikkerdovid. Right now in Shamayim, they are jumping up and down with excitement over this chiddush that you brought down from Heaven. May you be zoche to continue to bring down such chiddushim until 120. Shabbat Shalom

  2. Jonathan Field says:

    What a great insight-The Shikker Dovid understands more Nach than he would have us believe.

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