You Love What you Shlepp: Parshat Bamidbar

The Shikkerdovid has a funny and embarrasing story about his son. About 3 summers ago, the Shikkerdovid was getting ready to take his son to the camp bus for two months away. Unlike the Shikkerdovid, the son travels with lots of toys, gadgets, equipment etc.The Shikkerdovid was carrying everything. The son was chewing gum with a Powerade in his hand. They were about to leave the apartment. Suddenly the son said, “pick up the (expletive) hockey stick and lets go.” A normal reaction would have been to bash his head in. But the love, affection and adoration of his children prevented that.

In Parshat Bamidbar we are told about the Kohanim dismantling the Mishkan and carrying it. Aaron and his sons are commanded to dismantle.The sons of Kohath (another Levite family) is charged with carrying it. However, here is the interesting part. In Chapter 4, pasuk 15, it says: When Aaron and his sons are finished covering the items and the camp is ready to move, the sons of Kohath shall carry it. BUT NOT TOUCH IT and they shall die”

How strange! The sons of Kohath, are not fit to touch the items( just when they are covered) and then only to carry them around. It is almost a little insulting. Its like saying, they are only good for “shlepping.” Here is the “mosar” (ethical lesson). There is no glory in being the shlepper. Its not glamourous. But its here where you show your love. It is doing the hard things, the dirty work which proves that you love something or someone. So next time your kid, your spouse, your Gd asks you to do the dirty work, be grateful. You show your love for what you shelp.

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2 Responses to You Love What you Shlepp: Parshat Bamidbar

  1. Emuna Daily says:

    That’s beautiful! Nonetheless, I probably would have bashed his head in and I think the judge would have understood.

  2. ShikkerDoniel says:

    What a wonderful story about Jeremy

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