Taking the Hit For Someone Else’s Mistakes: The Complainers in Behalotcha

In Behalotcha, Bnei Yisreal are ready to roll into the Land of Israel. They are all lined up. The Mishkan is ready. The trumpets are ready. They have the law. Everyone is primed and pumped. Lets do it. That is the vibe of the first part of the parsha. By the sixth Aliyah it all falls apart. We are told, people start to complain about the chef and the food. Rashi tells us that the complainers are the Eruv Rav- not the true children of Israel. Interesting, we see this before at the Golden Calf. Rashi also blames the Eruv Rav. We can’t shake these guys.

It seems that all of Israel is punished for the Eruv Rav. Did others join them? Not sure. So what is the lesson.? Life ain’t fair. We shoulder the blame for other mess ups. We suffer consequences beyond are actions. If the Kohaim, Leviim, children of Yehuda, Dan etc did not complain about the cuisine, why are they punished along with the Eruv Rav. Simple answer. Gd is teaching us that Life and this world aint fair. Live with it. Develop faith and belief that in this inequitable existence, strength, character and emunah will develop.

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1 Response to Taking the Hit For Someone Else’s Mistakes: The Complainers in Behalotcha

  1. JD Field says:

    Tough love from the Shikker Dov- it’s all a test

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