Pinchas- Every Day is a Revelation

In Parshat Pinchas we read about the sacrifices. Logically, the first sactifice is the “Tamid” or daily offering. Every day a sacrifice was brought, one lamb in the morning and one in the evening. On Shabbat and Holidays there would be additinal offering brought known as the “musafim”- additional offerings. The Tamid offering is stated in Chapter 28. In verse 6 it says: it is a continual offering, which was offered on Mt. Sinai, a sweet smell for Hashem.”

What does Sinai have to do with the daily offering. Why mention Sinai? All law emanates from Sinai. Rashi says: The torah compares the daily offering to offering brought at Sinai in anticipation of the giving of the Torah. This still begs the question: What is the connection between the daily offering and Sinai.

The SD would humbly like to give an answer which surely many other have said, but it important to remember. Anything daily becomes routine, humdrum. It blends and loses its distinctive quality. Sinai is the opposite . Sinai is momentous. Sinai is tectonic. Similarly, the Torah is giving us a message about our daily experiences. Each day should be momentous. Each day has the potential to be a Sinai experience. Our lives have the potential to find revelation and epiphany in the simple tasks and routines. It is our job to recognize the revelation. Every day requires reflection and thoughtfullness to find the “sweetness” in our lives.

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2 Responses to Pinchas- Every Day is a Revelation

  1. Anonymous says:

    Really nice! And the shikkerdovid didn’t sound too shikker in this one. No tikun this morning?

  2. shikkerdovid says:

    Thanks for the compliment…. I think. Maybe I should have had a l’chaim and it would have been better?

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