Make It Rain

Apparently, there is a rapper who peels off money as he sings, “Make it Rain.” Rain has always be the symbol of success. We call the succesfull business person a “Rain Maker” (As if a person could actually make rain.) The Hebrew word rain or Geshem shares the same word for physicality “gashmiumt” The flip side of this rain image is a hurricane, a mudslide due to excessive rains. Devastation.

In parshta Noach, Chapter 7, verse 12 the Torah says, the “The rain was on the earth for 40 days and 40 night. In the same chapter and verse 17, the Torah says ” and the Flood was on the earth for 40 days.” Rashi picks up the difference between “Rain” and “flood” and comments:The rain originally came down as a “mercy” or inspiration to repent. When people failed, it became a “flood.”

What is Rashi saying. The water can be a blessing, an inspiration, a source of success and also a curse. The Shikkerdovid would like to infer that Rashi is being a little philosophical. All good situations or lucky breaks, are often not what they appear to be. The initial stroke of good fortune which comes with a windfall, may one day come to back to haunt someone. What looks initially like a disaster-flood, can change the mindset and become a blessing. Similarly, too many blessings or too much of anything, can result in a “flood” or ruin. The work is to take each gift or success and appreciate it. Keep the gift in context. The flipside is when Gd forbid a problem occurs (flood) to analyze the problem and grow with the experience.

The Shikkerdovid hopes that the new year will bring only beautiful and bountiful rain of mercy and kindness and bracha.

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1 Response to Make It Rain

  1. Jonathan Field says:

    Very nice balance of introspection, Mussar and encouragement. As always the Shikker Dovid’s brilliance comes through rain or shine .

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