Shmot: King Pharaoh and the Egyptians

Every year, the weekly parsha comes to town. Every year things hit you differently. This year, thanks to the Rambam the Shikkerdovid found himself thinking of Pharaoh alot.

The Torah says in Chapt. 1 verse 11 that Phaorah order “task master” to lord over the Hebrews. Rashi famously tells us that this meant a tax collectors or that a tax was imposed on Jews. This is a play on word of tax or “mad” The Ramban makes an interesting comment. He said Pharah wanted to kill the Jews from the beginning, however, he did not know how that would play with the public opinion in Egypt. He was not sure the people would go along with it so he started small- with a tax. When he did not get any push back, he continued. This Ramban gives us an insight into Pharaoh. What does this tell us about Pharaoh: he cares what others think. He is not sure of himself. He lacks the conviction of his own anti-semitism.

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