Vayera: Pharoah and the Frogs

In this parsha, Gd brings the plague of frogs. The Torah tells us that Pharoah asks Moshe to get rid of them and the plague ceases, however the stink and smell from the dead frogs remained. After the plague of the frogs, in pasuk 11, the Torah tells us that Pharoah had “Hirvacha” or relief when the plague was done. In no other plague is Pharoah being relieved that it ended. Rashi is silent. The only commentator that the Shikkerdovid saw who comments was the Kli Yakar. He mentions that this plague was fundamentally different than the other plagues. This plague had residual problems, ie the there were alot of dead frogs who were stinky. Why then relief if the smell lingered? The Kli Yakar’s question is better than the answer. His answer is that the open area of the land brought hirvacha or relief from the smell.

The Shikkerdovid would like to offer an emotional answer or psychological answer. Despite the smell or residual problems that existed because of the heaps of dead frogs, Pharoah is simply happy the plague is over. He does not care the problem is lingering. The immediate problem is over and that is good enough for him. He is content with a superficial fix, not a whole clean up. This is his character, a quick fix without addressing the real problem. A thinking or caring person who makes a mistake or creates a problem, wants to make a systemic correction. Not just stop the problem or the flaw, but address the problem. The Shikkerdovid will concede that the question is better than the answer.

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