Spiritual Prep Work- Parshat Terumah

In Parshat Trumah we are told about the building of the tabernacle (Mishkan) in the desert. The Torah tells us in Chapter 15 Verse 15 that “Thou shall make the boards for the tabernacle of accia wood” . The Rashi here is famous because it says that Jacob planted the cedars in Egypt and commanded the Israel before he died to make boards because in the future there would be a command.

However, how is possible we were ready with boards for the tabernacle but we had no food prepared and therefore, when leaving in haste or quickly Jews made matza? Rabbi Frand once said that ” How is possible they needed matza ?” He jokingly said that when his kids were little, during a drive from Baltimore to NY his wife packed six bags of potato chips and tons of cookies. When a Jew travels he takes tons of food. Rabbi Frand says this is proof they did not really think they were being redeemed and were not ready. The matza is unleavened because they did not have time to properly bake because they were not ready.

So the original question: They prepared wood for Tabernacle but not food. The answer is complicated. It is about spiritual preparation. We are ready for certain spiritual endeavors but not others. We believe on certain levels but not others. It might be easy to make kiddush, pray, but it is hard not to speak bad about others, help others, really sacrifice. Or maybe it is more simple than that. Maybe the answer is we pick and choose what we are prepared to do spiritually. The Shikkerdovid does not really have an answer.

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  2. Emuna Daily says:

    What a great question and thought! Perhaps a few more lechaims and you will have the answer.

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