Kodashim and the Hardest Lesson to Learn from the Ishbitz

In this week’s parsha, Kedoshim, we learn the hardest lesson, pure faith and reliance on GD. The parsha says, “You shalll be holy because I am holy.” The Ishbitzer cites a Talmudic passage from Chullin discussing non kosher birds. They are not kosher because the manner in which they hunt shows a lack of faith.On page 65 of Chullin ” a bird which seizes its prey is impure.” The Ishbitzer says, meaning it does not have faith in Gd. because it clutches it in it claws to esnure it is not lost. This is a lack of faith according to Isbhitz.

How is this related to being holy. Being holy is acting holy. Showing restraint. Acting in a refined manner-not clutching or grabbing like the impure bird. More imporantly, knowing that you will not lose despite not grabbing. This is a hard lesson, even for the Shikkerdovid as he pushes his way to the liquor table at a kiddush. Holiness is knowing that because of restraint, you will receive and get what you need… and maybe even what you want.

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1 Response to Kodashim and the Hardest Lesson to Learn from the Ishbitz

  1. Michael says:

    The Ishbitzer seems kind of tough on those birds. If we were held to that standard we would all be in trouble. Am I showing a lack of emunah when I check to make sure my phone or wallet is still there 50 times an hour? When I buckle my seatbelt? When I tell my kids to wear a helmet if they are riding a bike? I guess he wouldn’t have liked that old joke where the guy ignores the help goes to shamayim and Hashem says what do you mean — I sent you the boat (a version here http://www.ahajokes.com/reg28.html). I know Ben Franklin was no Rav but I have always been a fan of: God helps those who help themselves.

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