My Idiot Kid: Parenting lessons from Bava Basra 126b

Today’s have has the strangest lesson in child rearing. The Mishna on 126B starts with statements : If a man would make about the status of his son, ie John my first born son does not take a double portion per Torah law, he has said nothing. The Talmud then cites Rabbi Yehuda who says, yes, he can take away the double portion. The Talmud then cites other less clear statements about his son and his status as a first born, the Talmud says, maybe he is referring to the first born of the mother and not his firstborn which is the requirement of the first born double portion. The Talmud then delivers the twist, If a man says “my idiot son” we know he is talking about his son.

How strange. This proves connection to one’s son? The Shikkerdovid would like to weigh in. The Shikkkrdovid loves his kids. The Shikkerdovid and most parents love their kids despite their flaws or faults. We love them with their flauws and faults. HOWEVER, the love does not excuse the flaws nor make parents blind or oblivious to their children’s issues. As parents we must provide unconditional love while still being realistic and always attempting to improve our children. We must love the child yet recognize and correct the flaws. It is not good parenting to accept the flaw and defend the flaw as if it is acceptable. Yet the flaw should not diminish our love. The Shikkerdovid would argue, this is the highest form of love. A good parent does not gloss over or accept a problem- rather confronts the problem.

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  1. Jonathan D. Field, MD says:

    Well your description of Jeremy actually came true. Great Shikker Dovid

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