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Sanhedrin 9: Hashem’s Yardstick

Sanhedrin 8-9 continues the debate between Rabbi Meyer and the Rabbis about whether accusing one’s wife of infidelity (dont know a nicer way of saying it) needs a court of judges of 3 or 23. The debate scrolls down and … Continue reading

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Parshas Masei and Sanhedrin 5

There are no coincidences. Today’s daf and this week’s parsha intersect in a beautiful thought. Let us start with the Parsha Maasei. In Chapter 33, sentence 29 the pasuk tells us the Israel traveled from to Beit Hashimus until Avil … Continue reading

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No Coincidences: Bava Basra 166

Today’s daf of Bava Basra 166 takes a dry legal concept and soars with existentialism. The daf deals with inconsistent terms in a legal document. Such as inconsistent amounts of loans. The Talmud then cites an inconsistent term. The Talmud … Continue reading

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