Shabbat Nachamu and Sanhedin 19

This Shabbat is the famous Haftorah known as Nachamu. The prophet says, “Be Comforted Be Comforted My Nation, speak to the heart of Jerusalem and say the exile is completed  and sins forgiven by Gd.  ”

Interesting  the Daf Yomi of the last few days, Sanhedrin 18-19 speak of comforting a Cohen Gadol when he is in mourning.  The Mishna also says when a Cohen is comforted by others, the people visiting say  “We are your atonement” and he says : “Be blessed by heaven”

Coincidence in the theme of comforting?  This is the heart and soul  of Judasim.  Hashem through his prophet comforts us.  Tell us things will improve.  Our work is to mimic the paradigm Hashem show us.  He comforts us and we comfort each other.

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