An Original ShikkerDovid Thought on Vayashev

In Vayashev, we are told that Jacob wants to live in peace in his old age after dealing with Lavan.  This is immediately juxtaposed to the youthfulness of Joseph. Rashi tells us Joseph  did teenage things like fix his hair. The Shikkerdovid thinks the Torah is setting us up for a disconnect.  Here it is.   The Torah tells us that Joseph “brings” to his father a bad report about his brothers. What does Jacob do? He takes him to Barneys and buys him a coat. No discussion about the report. Just a new coat.   No discussion is recorded between Jacob and Joseph.  No guidance.

Joseph then has dreams about sun and stars. To the Shikkerdovid this is a young man wondering about the universe, thinking about the cosmos and all mysteries of the world.  However, at this point,  Joseph does no ask Jacob about these mysteries and questions, he goes to tells the brothers.

The Shikkerdovid has a question; Why did he go to Jacob the first time with the bad report, but to the brothers the second time with dreams. ?

The Shikkerdovid has an answer. The first time he went to Jacob with an issue, Jacob did not really deal with him. Jacob took Joseph to Barneys and bought him a coat. Jacob did not validate   When it comes to the dreams, Joseph does not go to his father for guidance, because he got no guidance the first time. He goes to his brothers. Big mistake. We all know how that ends.

The Shikkerdovid would like to learn a lesson. When your kids come to you with their stupid and idiot questions, or wants to babble about nonsense-listen to them. Validate their silliness. Question them. Show them you are concerned.  Maybe if Jacob had listened the first time, there would have been no enmity between the brothers when Joseph had the dreams.   Maybe things would be much different if Jacob had listened to his kid.

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2 Responses to An Original ShikkerDovid Thought on Vayashev

  1. Jeff Arons says:

    Love it. Good advice.

    •Jeffrey A. Arons, M. D.

  2. Emuna Daily says:

    Amazing shikker dovid. Instead of taking your kids to Barneys, actually listen to them. Brilliant!

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