Chanuka meet Shevuous 15

Today’s daf yomi, Shavous 15 eerily has many thematic references or allusions to Chaunka.  The daf refers to a piece of the Mishna which describes the method for expanding or adding to the Temple area or the precincts of Jerusalem. The Mishna on 14 describes a procession of kings, prophets, judges, and the people of Israel carrying large of loaves of a korban Todah and singing.  Singing?

The daf on 15 explains the significance of the loaves of bread but more interesting describes the singing and the of course mentions the “mizmor shir chanukas habayis the david” -the thing we say every day and two times on Chanuka. The singing also references portions said on Chanuka before lighting the Menora.

Singing is connected to Chanuka. We sing the ubiquitous Maoz Tzur which is the anthem for Chanuka and more recognized than the blessings themselves.  In Maoz Tzur there are two references to song “Bshir Mizmor Chunkas Hamizbeach” (with song of establishing the altar) and   Yima Shomona (the eight days are fixed as song and joy”)

What does  Chanuka and singing have in common? We sing when we are happy and joyous.  We sing at miracles.  Chanuka is about miracles, it is about happiness and joy. Real joy, not the commercial joy we are surrounded with around this time of year.  The same way that the Temple is expanded by joy, so we are expanded with singing and joy.


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  1. Jonathan says:

    Bravo! I think that really encapsulates what Channukah is all about

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