Vayigash: Chapter 45: Repetition or Insight

In Chapter 45 of the Vayigash,  Joseph cannot contain himself anymore and blurts out “I am Joseph”  He  then says in verse 6: For these are two years of hunger and another five years of no plowing and harvest. Gd sent me ahead of you to ensure you survival and to sustain you for a great “Plaata” which is interpreted here as “deliverance.”

However, a few verses later in verse 11 Joseph repeats himself: I will provide for you there (Goshen) for these is five more years of famine, lest you become  poor.

The Shikkerdovid has racked his brain.Why the repeat? What is the difference?  There are two differences. The first one mentions the previous two years, however there is a more substantive difference.  The first verses  mention “deliverance” and the second one mentions lack of poverty.

What is going on? The Shikkerdovid would like to offer a simple suggestion.  The first reference is to a spiritual destiny. If you don’t eat- you don’t have a spiritual destiny. What came before is lost.  The heritage or history dies in starvation.  The second reference is purely survival. No spiritual dimension, that is why there is no mention of the past.

What’s the difference:  Joseph his acutely aware maintaining a spiritual destiny is important, but it cannot be done on an empty stomach. Joseph is a realist.

The shikkerdovid is not totally sold on this as the only idea. Please share.

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