Bo: Locusts, Shabbos: I dont Swarm on Shabbos

In Chapter 10, pasuk 14 the Torah tells us that Locusts ascended on Egypt and “Vaynach” or rested on the border of Egypt.  The Bal Haturim picks up on the word “Vayanach” and notices that it is similar to the word in the Bible referring to rest on Shabbos or the “rest on the 7th day.” From here the Bal Haturim concludes that the locusts did not swarm or hurt on Shabbos.

Is this like the Big Lebowski where John Goodman says, ” I dont !@#$% bowl on shabbos.”   Why don’t locusts swarm on Shabbos?

In Masechest Taanis we are told that if one were to see even a single locust, one would cry out in prayer for help.  I guess Locusts are bad.

So what is the connection to Locusts and Shabbos?

The Shikkerdovid has an idea. Clearly, Locusts are very powerful. They are deadly. Even in the Talmud Taanis, it is recognized how powerful they are that we call out of help on seeing just one.  They are potent.   Maybe potent creatures need Shabbos.

The answer is that power, strength, ability and desire needs to be checked.  Shabbos is the great step back. We as human beings are powerful.  We have the ability to do everything, but  we must be reminded that we are really small just like the locusts. We must subordinate our power to Hashem and Shabbos.  We must subordinate our will to  create, destroy, wreak havoc or flourish by  keeping Shabbos and recognizing, sometimes we are no better than the locust.

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