Final Exam for Avoda Zara

For all of you who are doing the daf yomi and are in Avoda Zara. Here is your final exam.  The ShikkerDovid received this as a gift. It is a represenation of the Hindu God -Ganeesh. This god is believed to bring “parnassa” to Hindus.

Here are the facts: It is made of wood. It is about is sold to Tourists with the intent of sale. It is made commercially, probably in China.  Unknown whether it has been worshipped. Also, notice the elephant snout is down. Apparently, this is NOT good for parnassah. Apparently, they make both, despite only an upward  snout is a “segula for parnassa.”

So here is the exam question: Can the Shikkerdovid keep this? If not what must he do with it.?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    We just came from there. it looks like a souvenir from an elephant safari, and not at all like the Ganesh human/elephant hybrid that is worshipped, of which we saw many. Hope you had a nice pesach

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