Shabbos Hagadol Haftora: Passover or Rosh Hashana/Yom Kippur?

This week’s haftora is very special.   Read it in English.  It addresses the themes of  judgment, Tshuva,  (return to me), be good and listening to Hashem.  It also address the good who suffer and bad who succeed.  Where is Passover in this? The most interesting thought is that Hashem challenges us  to be charitable.  The prophet says:

Bring all the tithes, so that there should be food for kohanim and levieim.  Please, test me, with this,  if I do not open the skylight of heaven and rain down blessings.

Hashem is challenging us:  be good, be charitable and caring and I will care for you.  Its a deal. You be good to my people and I will be good to you.

Two questions:  1. Do we really “horsetrade” with Gd?  Do we give charity thinking he will certainly replenish our money supply.  When does Hashem ever say, “test me.”  2. What does all this have to do with passover. This sounds more like a message of Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashana.  What does this have to do with upcoming Passover.

The Shikkerdovid believes the following:  Every day is a” horsetrade” or “hondle” with Hashem. Every day is Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. Every day we are challenged to make good use of our time and our our money in order  to justify our existence to Hashem. In return he gives us another day and another paycheck.  We have to earn our keep every day. Really to SD, Passover is just another week, only we don’t drink bourbon, Glenlivet and Ketel One.  The themes of Passover are really just other  motief ( inviting people to passover, making sure all have matza and food for pesach) for earning our keep.  Passover is just another reason which underscores our relationship to Hashem- using every day to earn our keep on earth.

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