Emor: A bad “cut and paste job” or something else?

In Parshat Emor we are confronted with alot of topics. Vayikra Chapter 22:32 the Torah says You should not desecrate My HOLY name amongst the children of Israel ..”

The Torah then goes on to discuss Shabbos, the holidays, the Omer, the mitzva of lighting the menora and the lechem Hapanim.

All the way at the very end of the parsha it discussses “The Blasphemer”. The guy whose mother is a Jew, but his father was the Egyptian who Moshe killed.  The Blasphemer said not nice things  ( “cursed”) Hashem.  Should this not have bee put with the commandment not to desecrate the name of Hashem.  Should this have been part of the that section. Is this a bad cut and past job?

The SD has a thought.  Rashi tells us he was angry and cursed, because he tried to pitch a tent in the area of the Tribe of Dan and was not allowed.  According to Rashi there seems to have been a protest against him.    If you look at the parsha  it says “you should not desecrate the  my holy name among the children of Israel.”  The Blasphemer is being descriminated against. He is being shunned.  No one is playing with him, accepting him, wants him in their community.

It is sad that after hearing the beautiful words of the holidays, the bond that brings Israel together during the holidays- was not heeded.  After the recitation of the holidays, we are told of  a lack of inclusion, segregation and descrimination.    This parsha is not just a “gnai” or bad reflection on theBlashphemer, it is also a gnai on the Israel.  The disconnect highlights the gnai/bad reflection.

Not a bad cut and past job. A bad reflection.

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