Lesson in Humility from Behar

In Parshat Behar, the Torah tells us about the law of Shmitta.  The seven year cycle where we do not plant, actively grow or harvest. We allow all to walk on the fields and eat the produce.   The Torah tell us “the resting of the land shall be yours to eat for you, for your slave, maids and hired worker and sojourners who live among you.” Chapter 25 , 6)

Rashi tells us that as the owner you can eat the same as everyone else and share with everyone else, but you cannot act as the owner.   The Rashi text is beautiful:  “lo tinhog c baal habayis” don’t act or conduct yourself as the owner of the field.   Rashi continues saying “all  will be equal.”   This does not mean to say you give up your field. This does not mean to say, it is no longer yours.  This means that during shmitta your status is as everyone else.

The Shikkerdovid would like to learn a lesson in humility.  For six years you can be proud of your assets. For six years you can exclude other from your fields.  But in Shmitta you are reduced to a regular guy.  It is the great equalizer in terms of human relationships. For one year, my assets are just as much available to the worker, the sojurner or the maid as they are to me. Really, I am no different.

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1 Response to Lesson in Humility from Behar

  1. Jonathan says:

    Another homerun for the Shikker Dovid-
    We all certainly can use a reminder like this from time to time .

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